Spinal oncology: A multidisciplinary approach for complex care



September 8-10, 2022

Hotel PURO Kazimierz, Cracow, Poland

Spinal oncology: multidisciplinary for approach for complex care



September 8-10, 2022

Hotel PURO Kazimierz, Cracow, Poland

Dear Sirs/Madame, 

I would like to inform You that from 8th to 10th of September 2022 in Kraków (Puro Hotel Kazimierz), we will be hosting a medical symposium – “Spinal oncology: multidisciplinary approach for complex care”, devoted to the multidisciplinary treatment of primary cancer and spinal metastases. Our meeting is organized together by the Czech and Polish Society of Spine Surgery. It will be the first symposium of that type in Poland and the second in Europe.  

The main goal of the symposium that is happening in Kraków this year, is to create a platform where specialists can exchange their experiences, but also to help in the development of multi-specialist teams; as well as to show good models of cooperation that are already in existence. 

As the participation of specialists seems necessary to us in the created teams, on behalf of the Polish and Czech Spine Surgery Society, I would like to invite You to participate in our meeting, 

M.D. Dariusz Łątka, PhD, Ass Prof. Neurosurgeon, 
President of Polish Spine Society (PTCHK) 

Preliminary program

Spinal oncology – general aspects​



Radiation Therapy

General therapy

Complication management


Scientific Commitee:


Prof. Andrzej Maciejczak
MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon, Neurosurgery Department, University
of Rzeszow



Jan Cienciala
MD, PhD – Orthopeadic Surgeon, Czech Spine Surgery Society



Pavol Dubinsky
MD, PhD, Ass Prof. Radiation Oncologist, President of Slovak Society of
Radiation Oncology (SSRO)



Dariusz Łątka
MD, PhD, Ass Prof. Neurosurgeon, President of Polish Spine Society

Prof. Tomasz Mandat
MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon, Neurosurgery Department, NiO Warsaw

Marcin Hetnał
MD, PhD Radiation Oncologist, Amethyst Radiation Therapy Center in

Adam Pala
MD,PhD, Orthopeadic Surgeon, President of the South Division of Polish Spine

Paweł Radło
MD, PhD, Orthopeadic Surgeon, MSOR Hospital, Krakow



Scientific content Organizers



Important Information


Conference Vetting System (CVS)




Puro Hotel Ul. Halicka 14a, 31-036 Kraków


08/09/2022 - 10/09/2022


Closest avaliable parking by ul. Starowiślana 79a (200m walking distance from the hotel). Cost of the parking spot - 70 PLN / 24hrs


Materials will be provided upon arrival

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Registration fee (incl. scientific sessions, lunch, welcome reception) for “Spinal oncology: multidisciplinary approach for complex care” – 650,00 PLN.
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(all sessions to be illustrated with case presentations)

8th of September 2022

16:00 – 19:00 Registration


9th of September,2022


8:30 Symposium Opening

Session 1: Healthcare Systems / Innovations in oncology

8:35-8:55 Guest Speaker (names to be provided)

8:55-9:07 Izabela Będkowska (PL)

The experience and expectations of primary care physician in treating the spinal mets patients.

9:07- 9:19 Lech Grzelak, Daniel Kotrych (PL)

Oncological package. A system of current oncologic care in Poland.

9:19-9:31 Vidan J, Cienciala J (SK)

Development of care for patients with metastatic spine disease in Slovakia and the Trenčín county.

9:31-9:43 Jure Leban (SLO)

Clinical pathway in primary spinal tumor care in Slovenia.

9:43-9:55 Tomasz Mandat (PL)

Spinal metastases, do we have the tools to make a step forward?

9:55-10:07 Paweł Radło (PL)

NOMs as a key multidisciplinary decision approach paradigm in METs. Recommendations of the Polish Society of Spine Surgery

10:07-10:22 Discussion

10:22-10:45 Coffee Break

Session 2: Diagnostics.

10:45-10:57 A. Šprláková-Puková (CZ)

Benefits and indications for using of MR and PET/MR in the diagnosis of spinal tumors.

10:57-11:09 Krzysztof Antoniak (PL)

Biopsy. Recommendations of the Polish Society of Spine Surgery.

11:09-11:21 Piotr Rutkowski (PL)

Histological diagnostics of primary spine tumours. Recommendations of the Polish Society of Spine Surgery.

11:21-11:33 Zambo Staniczkova (CZ)

Bone metastasis of unknown primary.

11:33-11:45 Dagmar Brančíková (CZ)

Bone metastasis as a first manifestation of the new malignant dissease – what next?

11:45-12:00 Discussion

Session 3: Surgery

12:00-12:12 Rafał Górski (PL)

Separation surgery. The concepts, techniques, indications. Recommendations of the Polish Society of Spine Surgery

12:12-12:24 Rafał Załuski (PL)

En block resection in primary spine tumours.

Recommendations of the Polish Society of Spine Surgery

12:24-12:36 Jan Cienciala (CZ)

Indications for various types of resection and stabilization operations in metastatic disease of the spine.

12:36-12:48 Andrzej Maciejczak (PL)

Is there a place for en block resection in spine metastases?

Recommendations of the Polish Society of Spine Surgery.

12:48-13:00 Paweł Brzegowy (PL)

Embolization before surgery of spinal tumours.

13:00-13:12 Rafał Górski (PL)

Patient with increasing neurological deficits. When can we proceed without biopsy and histology results?

13:12-13:30 Discussion

13:30-14:30 Lunch Break

Session 4: Radiation Oncology.

14:30-14:42 Marzena Janiszewska (PL)

Radiotherapy- true and myths from medical physics perspective.

14:42-14:54 Marcin Hetnal (PL)

From palliation to SBRT – revolution of bone metastases radiotherapy.

14:54-15:06 Jakub Cvek (CZ)

Stereotactic radiotherapy for spine tumors

15:06-15:18 Jiří Kubeš (CZ)

Protons in spinal SBRT.

15:18-15:30 Pavol Dubinský (SK)

Opportunities and challenges of spinal SBRT clinical implementation.

15:30-15:42 Łukasz Kuncmann (PL) (virtual)

SBRT of spine tumors – radical or adjuvant setting?

15:42-15:54 Maciej Harat (PL)

Current concepts in hybrid spinal surgery

15:54-16:06 Mateusz Spałek (PL)

Radiotherapy of primary spinal tumors

16:06-16:20 Discussion

16:20-16:35 Coffee Break

Session 5: Spinal metastases.

16:35-16:47 Brančíková Dagmar (CZ)

Multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of bone metastases- experiences from the clinical practice.

16:47-16:59 Grell Peter (CZ)

Do we really do enough for our patients with metastatic bone disease?

Multidisciplinary approach is a must.

16:59-17:11 Agnieszka Jagiełło-Gruszfeld (PL)

Systemic treatment of spinal metastases.

17:11-17:23 Mateusz Spałek (PL)

Actual ESTRO consensus of treatment of bone metastases.

17:23-17:35 Bystrický B (SK)

Treatment of metastatic disease – overview for surgeons

17:35-17:50 Discussion

17:50-18:00 Summary & End of Day 1


10th of September,2022


Session 6: Spinal Myeloma.

9:00-9:12 Marcin Jońca (PL)

Multiple myeloma- diagnosis and treatment.

9:12-9:24 Kaťuch V, Durny P, Knorovský K (SK)

Multiple Myeloma of the Spine- Current Concepts in Surgical Treatment

9:24-9:44 Marcin Hetnał, Adam Pala (PL)

Solitary spine myeloma- radiotherapy vs surgery- debate.

9:44-10:00 Discussion

Session 7: Complication management, Surgery and Varia.

10:00-10:12 Miha Vodičar

Mechanical complications after en blok resections of spinal tumors

10:12-10:24 Andrzej Maciejczak

Lymphorrhea due to iatrogenic injury of ductus thoracicus after transthoracic corpectomy for T8 breast cancer. How to manage this complication surgically.

10:24-10:36 Jan Štulík (CZ)

Total spondylectomy of C2.

10:36- 10:48 Andrzej Maciejczak

Total 540o resection of giant chordoma of C2 and neck with the use of customized 3D printed prosthesis of C2 vertebra.

10:48-11:00 Discussion

11:00-11:20 Coffee Break

11:20-12:50 Multidisciplinary Tumor Board – Cases – TBD

12:50-13:00 Closing Remarks/ End of the Symposium

13:00 Lunch and adjourn





8th of September 2022**

19:00 – 19:10   Welcome & Introduction (speech of Scientific Committee president)

19:10 – 19:30 Guest speaker

19:30 Conference reception

9th of September 2022

20:00 Dinner*

(* Dinner paid for separately by participants, not financed from the funds of innovative companies associated in INFARMA. Kolacja w dniu 09/09 jest płatna osobno przez uczestników sympozjum, nie jest finansowana ze środków innowacyjnych firm zrzeszonych w INFARMIE.)

(** Cost of symposium reception/opening day; dinner 08/09 and coffee breaks/lunches are included in registration fee for participants.)

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